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Battle of Daten City
Stocking Witnessed the Daten City Battle

Heroic Federation-Dark Universal Wars




Daten City

  • Alliance of Universe Victory
    • Scanty and Kneesocks, Fastner and Corset Captured.
  • Heroic Federation of the Galaxy
    • Alliance of Universe
  • Dark Universal Empire
    • Dark Alliance

Kallen Stadtfeld
Panty and Stocking
Rock Briefers
Pastor Garterbelt

General Veers
Scanty and Kneesocks
Lord Corset
Martian Elders


Jar Jar Binks
VR Troopers


  • Rebel Alliance
    • 1,000 Rebel Troopers
    • 1,000 Rebel Vanguards
    • 1,000 Rebel Marksmen
    • 100 Rebel Marines
    • 50 Rebel Pilots
    • 20 X-Wing Starfighters
    • 30 B-Wing Starfighters
    • 50 A-Wing Interceptors
    • 10 Rebel Alliance Gunships
    • 25 Mon Calamari Star Cruisers
  • Sailor Scouts
    • 100 Sailor Troopers
    • 50 Sailor Pilots
  • Galactic Empire
    • 100 Stormtroopers
    • 100 Imperial War Droids
    • 100 Imperial Dark Troopers
    • 100 Imperial Pilots
    • 50 TIE Fighters
    • 10 TIE Interceptors
    • 10 TIE Bombers
    • 5 MT-ATs
  • 10 Imperial Star Destroyers
  • 2 Imperial Star Dreadnoughts
  • Alien Society
    • 50 Xenomorph Carriers
    • 45 Facehuggers
    • 50 Flying Xenomorphs
    • 10 Martian Fighting Machines
    • 20 Martian Scouting Machines
    • 15 Martian Tempests
    • 5 Martian Assault Gunships
  • Decepticons
    • 100 Decepticon Air Enforcers
    • 50 Decepticon Drones
    • 100 Decepticon Light Destroyers

Mild Loses

Evil Forces Dissolved

The Battle of Daten City was the Conflict that Their Angels, Panty and Stocking and the alliance of Universe members witnessed the War that happened the city. At The Start of the Battle, Scanty and Kneesocks deploy the Imperials, Martians and Decepticons around the place. The Alliance of Universe Arrive to Destroy evil Forces, and then the Daten City was Safe, Then Both Scanty and Kneesocks, Fastener and Corset taken Prisoner by the Heroic Sailor Scouts.

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