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Battle of Acheron (LV-426)
LV-426 Battle

Conquest of the Dream Eaters




Acheron (LV-426), Hadley's Hope, Near Xenomorph Lair

  • Heroic Federation and Spirit Dream Eaters Victory
    • Xenomorph and Separatist Forces Dissolved
    • The Matriarch, along with Leaders flees before Atmosphere Processor Explodes
  • Heroic Federation of the Galaxy
    • Republic of Robots
    • Alliance of Universe
      • Jedi Order
    • United States Colonial Marine Corps
  • Dark Universal Empire
    • Dark Alliance
    • Alien Society of Darkness

Tarr Seirr
Lieutenant Ellen Ripley
Rahm Kota

The Matriarch
Drej Queen
Drej Commander
Herr Kiesler
Martian Elders


Corporal Dwayne Hicks
Sgt. Gorman

Xenomorph Queen

  • Rebel Alliance
    • 100 Rebel Soldiers
    • 140 Rebel Vanguards
    • 120 Rebel Marksmen
    • 65 Rebel Pilots
    • 10 X-Wing Starfighters
    • 10 Y-Wing Bombers
    • 10 A-Wing Interceptors
    • 5 Nebulon-B Frigates
    • 20 Rebel Blockade Runners
  • United States Colonial Marine Corps
    • 155 Colonial Marines
  • 10 Conestoga-class Troop Transports
  • 20 Colonial Marine Dropships
  • Spirit Dream Eaters
    • 200 Eagliders
    • 165 Ryu Dragons
    • 100 Electricorns
    • 20 Halbirds
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems
    • 100 Battle Droids
    • 100 Super Battle Droids
    • 100 Droidekas
    • 100 Pilot Droids
    • 10 Homing Spider Droids
    • 5 Armored Tank Droids
    • 65 Heavy Missile Platform Droid Gunships
    • 75 Droid Tri-Fighters
    • 90 Vulture Droid Starfighters
  • Alien Society
    • 20 Martian Assault Gunships
    • 25 Martian Warships
    • 10 Tripod Fighting Machines
    • 15 Reapers
  • Nightmare Dream Eaters
    • 20 Tyranto Rexes
    • 100 Halbirds
    • 100 Eagliders
    • 50 Sorecats
    • 100 Necho Cats
    • 50 Electricorns
    • 50 Commantises

Few Reinforcements Killed
Sulaco Damaged
14 Rebel Blockade Runners Destroyed

Xenomorph Army Destroyed when the Processor Explodes
Few of Nightmare Dream Eaters Destroyed

The Battle of Acheron (LV-426) is one of the Conflicts During the Conquest of the Dream Eaters. When Ripley and the Colonial Marines approach to Hadley's Hope To Destroy Separatist and Martian Forces, While Tarr Seirr and his Reinforcements Battles at the Separatist Ships, Reapers, and Alien forces near the Engineer Ship Crash site. After the Reinforcements Defeated, Ripley confront the Matriarch and her Leaders, before the Atmosphere Processor going to Explode into Extinction. Following the Matriarch's Presumed Death, Xeno-Dracus attacks Sulaco, but Ironhide Manages to load all weapons to Destroy Xeno-Dracus before flies to Xenonaira.

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