Armored Personnel Carrier
Armored Personnel Carrier
General information
Feature Films Alien Anthology
Television Programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Weyland-Yutani
Class APC
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Gatling Cannons
Plasma Cannons
Automatic Light mortar
Crews Driver and Section Commander
Role Troop Transport
Self-Propelled Artillery
Mechanized Infantry
Affiliation United States Colonial Marine Corps
The Armored Personnel Carrier is a troop transport used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The M577 evolved from the Marine 70 battlefield deployment strategy, which proposed a requirement for a low-cost lightweight APC capable of being transported into combat aboard the Cheyenne Dropship.


The Armored Personnel Carriers are used During the Alien Society's Battle of Acheron, Mainly the Vehicles clashed with all but of Separatist Vehicles, but they're Harmed with friendly fire. Just then, Some Personnel Carriers Forced To Retreat before the Atmosphere Processor Self-Destructs.

Some APCs Had participating in Battle of Miami and Hawaii, Which Led to Defeat enemy Forces, One APC is Capable to Target Two Handling Machines, Which Tequilla Shot Down at them. Later, an APC Shot Down Armored Assault Tanks and IFT-T Tanks.

Many More of APCs took in the Third and Final Battle of Tokyo, Where Xenon marked the Last Invasion, Strikes Down Handling Machines, Heartless Fighting Machines, and all of Evil Forces.

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