Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games Kingdom Hearts Series
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Yellow
Hair Colors Silver
Alignment Bad
Gender Male
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Commander of the Heartless Army
Affiliations Dark Universal Empire
Friends Xehanort's Guardian
Powers and abilities

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness is the leader of the dark faction, Heartless, and a former researcher who studying the envious beings. He is a Heartless of Xehanort, in which he launched an army of Shadows, and other Pureblood beings to devour numerous worlds in the galaxy. He noted his oath is "All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end, the Heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it, until it growing, consuming it." Ansem continued his goal to control the garrison against the only known Keyblade Wielder, Sora. His Nobody counterpart, and companion Xemnas, to unleash the terrible power through the bowels of Darkness.

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