Annie is part of the thieving duo of her and Oakley, the main antagonists of the fifth Pokemon movie, "Pokemon Heroes". She's a teenage girl with blonde hair styled in large curly buns. While vain and a bit ditzy, she is, like her partner, very devious, athletic, and competent at whatever she does.History2294AnnieDocColressAdded by DocColressNot much is known about Annie or her sister' before Pokémon Heroes, but they are still instantly recognized by James.In the dub, they were assigned a mission by Giovanni, implying Team Rocket membership, but this is not present in the original. AbilitiesAnnie has excellent balance and athletic abilities, making huge leaps and cartwheels while fighting Latios and Latias with no trouble and keeping perfect balance on a beam which Jessie, James and Meowth have trouble with. She also has some advanced technology at hand, including the glasses which can identify Latias when disguised and can see Latias and Latios when invisible. They can also capture Latios using what appears to be a net composed of energy. However, she rarely uses these devices; their operation usually falls to Oakley.

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