Drug Lord Alejandro Sosa
Alejandro Sosa
Background information
Feature films Scarface
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Brown
Hair Colors Black
Gender Male
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Drug Lord
Affiliations Bolivian Cartel
Powers and abilities

Boss of a lot of bosses, this particular character's displaying is highly unlikely to find in any other movie made to this day. He, Alejandro Sosa, is not an evil man and he is not in any way considering himself as a criminal being; he is simply answering to the global need of millions of people by dealing with his nations prime product which is cocaine. Of course, his sort of enterprising is in the eyes of official authoroties making him a sought after criminal mastermind.

Alejandro Sosa, should he had existed in real life, he would most certainly take pride in being one of very few persons in this world with such influental powers that make him able to run an empire of narcotics production and distribution across continental borders. A person like Alejandro Sosa is quite like an established fortune 500 company CEO; they do not seek to be respected, feared or admired or even recognised, all of that are what comes with the task at hand.

In the movie Scarface, the image of this realistic drug overlord is portrayed by none other than Paul Shenar who with his scaresome but distinct looks and his firm voice manages to give the audience a glimpse of a Bolivian aristocrat doing what is his mission in life; to provide for the masses with what grows in his lands. So, with his english schooling in business, he simply utilizes what grows naturally in his homecountry by proccessing it into cocaine and then distributing to the rest of the west world, law abiding or not.

That makes a man like Alejandro Sosa extremely wealthy, highly cultivated to his personality and well connected in the world. In the movie Scarface however, the fate of Alejandro Sosa is never really depicted in depth, starting from the beginning and to the end and this is what I think the movies and especially the category of biopis is craving for: to experience the rise and fall of an Alejandro Sosa. Aejandro Sosa was the CEO of the Andes Sugar Corperation,and overlord of an empire spread across the Andes.(Coca)He was born to a noble family(possibly pure Castillian Spanish no Indian blood),was educated in England,and had a European wife also of European nobility.

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